Thursday, August 28, 2014

Newest Episode of "Geeks of the Round Table" is live!

Some of you may not know that I host a Podcast called NERDS OF THE ROUND TABLE. Click below to check out our latest episode. Cheers!

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Loot Crate August 2014 Unboxing.....

Last month I joined Loot Crate and for those of you not in the cool club, let me break it down for you. For a monthly subscription fee of $19.37 your will be shipped a box of nerdy goodness straight to your doorstep. The contents of each box are a mystery, with the exception of the theme and sometimes a rough reference. Pictured below is the contents of my August 2014 crate......enjoy.

The unopened mystery box!

First up we have a Funko Loot Crate original Groot with "Glow-N-The-Dark" paint and a translucent left hand. Also....he's a bobble head. So now you can put on your techno and go to town with this awesome piece of form molded plastic.

Next we have a Michelangelo mini figure put out my KidRobot.  Also another "Glow-N-The-Dark" goody.

Nickelodeon TMNT Sunglasses....of course my sun snatched these up. You go boy!

A Sonic The Hedgehog car air freshener. 

Shwings...which are sneaker decorations themed to look like wings or lightening bolts. I wonder if they will make my run faster???? 

And lastly some promo codes for online gaming, a Dead Pool themed food magnet, & the monthly mailer that discusses the products.

All in all it was well worth it! So be sure to check out Loot Crate and jump on board the radical train straight to cool world.........

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Wonderful Wonderblog Prize Winnings....

A few week back Erick Bognar of Wonderful Wonderblog posted a contest celebrating his 48th birthday and 8th year of blogging....and I won the loot. Before I get started, go to his blog and check out the in's and out's of his collections and say Hello! He has an amazing blog and is an all around good guy.

Pictured above are two of the toys in the box. A Marvel Superhero Squad Burger King Toy...which is amazing because a button on his back reveals his smashing glory. Also a tiny Muscle Man figure. Gotta love those little tikes. 

Next up we have a UNOPENED Hot Wheels Mystery Machine. WOW! I'm not sure if Erick looked over my like and dislikes, but he hit the nail on the head with this one. Me and my son both are just goofy for Scooby Doo!!

By Odin's Beard we have a Thor PEZ dispenser. Now I can crank Thor's head back and pop artificially flavor lemon and orange tablets in my mouth til the cows come home. :)

Also there was L shaped post it notes representing my last name LAPSLEY and a Tomiko Corn shaped eraser. I love the Chinese culture's fascination with food themed anything and everything. 

And last but not least we have a pile of Comics, Cards, & Wacky Pack stickers. YOU NAILED IT ERICK! What are great box and an awesome friendship has brewed out of this contest. I commend you Sir!

But before I go, I want to share this love O.J.Simpson ad for Dingo boots from one of the comics Erick sent. Stay safe and blog on TRUE BELIEVERS....

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Flea Market Loot for August 2014

This past weekend me and my family took a road trip out to the Greenwood Flea Market. Now in previous post and on my podcast, I've mentioned the market. It a wonderful place full of infinite possibilities. It's setup with multiple shops inside a climate controlled complex, but on the outskirts there is a line of old boxcars that double as shops. Therein lies the honey hole. 

First we have The Real Ghostbusters Screaming Heroes Ray Stantz from Kenner. I found this bad boy in an old tote underneath a table. He was nestled in between My Little Pony and Barbies. HMMMMM. Anywho he didn't come with Vermoan Ghost, but still a great find for $2.00. 

Secondly we have Shoulders of Dick Tracy fame from Playmates Toys. My wife Jessica actually spotted this guy and Magnokor just sitting on a shelf, and I jumped for joy. The Dick Tracy motion picture came out right at the time I was forming my options about likes and dislikes. And man oh man did I like Dick Tracy. As a matter of fact that year for Christmas my father bought me a Dick Tracy watch, you know the one with the light at the bottom. I wonder what happened to it....oh well.

Any Street Sharks fans out there? Well I was! This is a Street Sharks licensed Taco Bell water squirter. I do believe that bath time just stepped up a notch. 

Allow me to Magnokor, and as I mentioned above I my wife find this radical rock brute. Honestly at first I had no idea who he was. So with some help from Instagram buddies I was able to dig up his origin.

He is part of the Inhumanoids line, and I do believe a good guy despite his menacing appearance. He originally came with a rocky cover that double as a second figure, but alas what you see is what you get. I was not a fan of the Inhumanoids growing up because quite honestly I had never heard of it. But I have a fellow blogger that posted a photo of a recent Inhumanoids figure that he had acquired so I think this molten lava fiend has a new home.

Lastly we have a battle troll. My son picked this one up to add to our collection. Maybe I'll do a Battle Trolls post soon.....HMMMM.

Well anyways, that's all for now folks. Happy Hunting!!!!

Thursday, August 7, 2014

Top Ten ~ Movie Monsters & Creatures

Being new to the League, I figured it's high time I dipped my toes in the pool and explored this weeks assignment. So listed below are my Top 10 favorite Movie Monsters and Creatures:

1. Frankenstein:

This lovely pieced together fiend has always held a sweet spot in my heart. I fell in love with his tragically mistaken path and his redemptive nature.  And in my mind there is no other actor for this roll other than the late great Boris Karloff. With few lines and little screen time, Boris had to make this character his. And I believe you will all agree that he did. GRRRRRR!

2. Audrey 2 from Little Shop of Horrors:

Frank Oz made this film a childhood favorite for me. I have a love for organic plant monsters, so Audrey 2 was a shoe in. Audrey resembles a venus fly trap of steroids, whose hungry can only be satisfied with human flesh. Greenpeace eat your heart out!

3. Predator

Hunt or be hunted. Predator is one of the few Alien lifeforms that honestly captivate me. I would draw his likeness over and over again in my youth. So much so, that I'm sure my teachers began to worry about me. But who wouldn't want to draw this dude? I personally believe he responsible for bringing dreadlocks back in style and make fish net shirts a fashion statement. You go...boy....girl...whatever!

4. Slimer from Ghostbusters:

Slimer is what he is, a dripping pile of ecto-plasmic fun. With his buttery teeth, insatiable appetite and mischievous nature he's sure to be a crowd pleaser. I know he is easily one of the most recognized Ghostbuster characters, but thats not the reason I love him. I'm fond of him because he broke the stereotype of what ghost should look like. He's looks like Caspers stoner uncle and that's why he is so amazing.

5. Creature From The Black Lagoon:

I owe my love for movie monsters to the Creature (aka Gil-man). I saw CFTBL when I was very young and from that point desired to gobble up as many monster flicks as I could. In doing so, I have found that I much prefer the look and effects style that was offered between the 20's to 50's. We have hit a point with current cinema where the sky's the limit. But that not necessarily a good thing, when it comes to practical effects. We are replacing more and more makeup artist with CGI. What are your thoughts???

6. Godzilla:

King Kaiju himself....Godzilla. Godzilla vs. King Kong was my first glimpse of this atomic creation and boy oh boy was I excited. From his radioactive power blast to his city crushing carnage, I just think he's the bees knees.

7. Trantor from Ernest Scared Stupid:

Jim Varney can do no wrong in my book. Ernest Scared Stupid was one of his best and gave us Halloween fanatics a little something special. And by little I mean TRANTOR.Take a second and just look at this guy...two noses constantly dripping with snot, horn adorned eyebrows, and teeth that would make the mightiest dental hygienist faint. Not to mention super human strength and children that at first resemble brussel sprouts. YAY I CALL FORTH THE TRANTOR!

8: Chamberlain from the Dark Crystal:

I know Chamberlain was the black sheep of the Skesis, but he did manage to worm his way to the top of this chicken carcass mountain. He only seemed menacing to me because of his sneaky back stabbing nature. I wonder if Jim Henson themed him after someone in his personal life. I guess we'll never know...

9. Maurice from Little Monsters:

Howie Mandel portrayed monster that we would all want under our bed...Maurice. He could take you to lands faraway or just to your enemies house, so you could pee in his apple juice. After all they say "vengeance is a dish best served cold". Little Monsters was a visual feast of creativity and macabre, and Maurice was your tour guide. If you haven't seen this movie, then stop what you're doing and dive in.

10: Gorax from Ewoks-Caravan of Courage:

Last but not least is Gorax. Colonizing on Endor and stealing parents left and right, this ugly rat monkey thing is just bad to the bone. I know he's not that visually appealing, but he has something special about him. Maybe it's his Jonas Brothers eyebrows or his fur less nipple area, but he is definitely making it onto my list for some reason. So there.....

If you enjoy my post then check my other amigos "Top Ten" bloggings:

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Queen Bee

Queen Bee

This piece has truly been in the works for some time. I get bored with pages easily, so I skip around a lot. However today at lunch I forced myself to finish the final touches of water color. Which is the laborious part.

There was no real theme with this page, I just had fun. I started off with collage pieces from magazines and what not. Then built on that with Sharpie poster paint pens and Faber Castell Pitt pens. Then laid down multiple layers of watercolor and Sakura colored Micron.

Some famous faces grace this page, including Slimer, Toxie, Cthulhu, & Man Thing. 

~Here I am painting Slimer~

I hope you enjoy this random piece of brain matter....

Stay scared....

Friday, August 1, 2014

Gizmo in my pocket...

Click below for a short time lapsed video of my inking Gizmo!!!!!

I drew this fuzzy little fiend in my "Burial Vault" pocket Moleskine. Which is a tiny sketchbook that I only do quick little doodles and little to no color. It is more of a time exercise than anything. Hope you enjoy! 

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

I have the power!

Building up my MOTU collection has been a difficult feat to accomplish, well at least when your on a budget. However I stumbled upon Listia and immediately fell in love with their auctioning process. They work on a strict credit system and their is no money exchange for goods only for shipping. With that said, let's begin....

Orko has been a personal favorite of mine, even though he's kind of the Lurch/Jar Jar Binks of the group. I came across him on Listia and immediately snagged him of 1100 credits, which would roughly be $3.00 if I would have paid cash. Now he didn't come with his cord or any other accessories, but still a nice find.

Ram Man
Next up I was able to procure Ram Man. I wasn't that big of a fanboy for him, but you just can't pass up the lovable lug. I paid the same for him as I did for Orko, so he was a steal. His spring loaded legs still function, so I'm pretty stoked to let him RAM into my other figs. So until next time, stay curious TRUE BELIEVERS!!!!

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Thursday, July 10, 2014

The more I play...

Gears of the Sea
(For this piece I used the ios application Union to blend the photo of a Sea Shell on top of a background of gearwork. I cropped out several sections to create the majority of the piece. Then I dropped the photo into Snapseed and used a antiquing effect and odd border. Looking at the final piece I saw something completely odd. When I cropped out sections of the shell, it created a weird alienish character. See if your can find him.)

Wrapped Up
(I used the Android application Vignette to get a  double exposure photo of my face and a rusted brick wall behind my warehouse. Then forward the photo to my iPhone and used the Union app to merge and scale a stock photo of a coiled cephalopod tentacle over my eye. Slimy and creepy...)

(I simply used a double exposure effect with Vignette and photo filters. I took the photo in a creaky boiler room, with my hand backlit by the only light source in the room. Capturing my hand and it's shadow on the metal wall.)

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

From the coffin to the bullpen...

I haven't blogged in awhile, so the below pictures and thoughts are going to seem quite random. However in time I'll dust this old blog off and oil up the gears and reveal a shiny new avenue for self expression. I recently deleted my Facebook, feeling that is was a drain on my soul and a blow to my creativity. With that being said....let's begin

First off we have my lovely wife, the women that stole my heart. She came into my journey and changed it for the better. With her gentle manner and encouraging love our relationship has blossomed over the years. We were married on Halloween night 2004 and ever since we've been filled with childlike wonder and imagination. She gave me two beautiful little creatures and continues to be my muse. You will see her influence in every avenue of my life.....

This is my son Elijah. He is such a goof, but I love him for it. He's completely gets my sense of humor and even joins in my reindeer games. A monster fanatic himself, we often go to toy stores just looking for masks, wigs, fangs, and capes to creep out with.

 While at Learning Express he ran across a googly eyed lizard half-mask and adorned it for the rest of our store visit. Chasing his sister around making Raptor noises. I'm almost certain my picture is now on the DO NOT SERVE list. Oh well.

Next up, we have my youngest. Evangeline is a care free spirit and loves in a deep way. As you can see above.

We frequent a local arcade/restaurant called Kiddie Mias  where the kids have picked out their favorite meal and games. Evie loves to spend her time on the Coin Operated Kiddie Rides. Mostly hanging out with her old buddy speckles. As the machine rocks back and forth, she just grins from ear to ear.


Elijah wants to play the more well seasoned, sophisticated gems like Metal Slug from NEO GEO. Which by the way is unlimited plays. Your heard me right, no coins needed folks. We both can stand for hours in front of this machine and step outside of time and space. Only to be brought back down to reality by our leg cramps and blistered fingers.

I spend my time mostly hanging out with the old city crusher, Mr. Toho himself..... GODZILLA. The object of the game is to shoot rubber balls into his mouth limiting his time and appetite for world domination. Your welcome Mr. President.The balls are supposed to represent bombs, but he seems to love the taste of them. So I just keep feeding the old boy....

 The game is put out by Namco, who I have a major appreciation for. But the game seems to be a relic at the Arcade that a majority of clientele just passes by. Like an old creeping house and bearded long haired hermit that just peers at you from the windows, neglected and alas misunderstood. 

Feed Me Seymore!

Keep hanging in there!
There's still fun to be had......

 Now we're onto the topic of the post..... TOYZZZZZ. Being a geek/nerd is just a label for the truly nostalgic. I have within the past few years picked back up my love for toy collecting. Starting below are a few of my finds from either The Greenwood Flea Market or Goodwill.

This is Curly the Skeleton of Goosebumps fame. A mid-nineties Taco Bell toy that I found for 50 cents. He has a rubber wheel on the bottom side that allows his mouth to open and close and eyes to bulge out, when you run him across a table. I was pretty stoked to find him, being a Goosebumps nut.

This is my fellow digger Tony Hall, a true comic book buff at heart. We dug for hours through this loot and found a few gems. The guy that runs the stand is truly a great fellow, and has lots of nice issues that are reasonably priced. He had  "The Thing & The Man-Thing #1" that I really wanted to pickup but didn't quite have the funds. Oh well, a boy can dream.

Just look at that cover ladies and gentlemen!

Not much to say here... he's just ACTION FIGURE. Hmmmmm

Here is a group shot of my Goodwill loot. All this goodness for $4.10! I really have to give a shout out to my fellow digger Derek Ash over a Goodwill Hunting 4 Geeks for some inspiration in the possibility a good find at Goodwill. A good majority of this will go to my son for his upcoming birthday and of course some will go into my collection.

Now to address this post and future ones, I would like to explain how my blog will go. It will not center around one focal point, as I am a man of varied interest. You will see Nostalgia laden sections, Art filled journal pages, Digital wonderment, & a peak into my mad world. I hope this finds you well and with that said....EXCELSIOR!