Thursday, July 10, 2014

The more I play...

Gears of the Sea
(For this piece I used the ios application Union to blend the photo of a Sea Shell on top of a background of gearwork. I cropped out several sections to create the majority of the piece. Then I dropped the photo into Snapseed and used a antiquing effect and odd border. Looking at the final piece I saw something completely odd. When I cropped out sections of the shell, it created a weird alienish character. See if your can find him.)

Wrapped Up
(I used the Android application Vignette to get a  double exposure photo of my face and a rusted brick wall behind my warehouse. Then forward the photo to my iPhone and used the Union app to merge and scale a stock photo of a coiled cephalopod tentacle over my eye. Slimy and creepy...)

(I simply used a double exposure effect with Vignette and photo filters. I took the photo in a creaky boiler room, with my hand backlit by the only light source in the room. Capturing my hand and it's shadow on the metal wall.)

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

From the coffin to the bullpen...

I haven't blogged in awhile, so the below pictures and thoughts are going to seem quite random. However in time I'll dust this old blog off and oil up the gears and reveal a shiny new avenue for self expression. I recently deleted my Facebook, feeling that is was a drain on my soul and a blow to my creativity. With that being said....let's begin

First off we have my lovely wife, the women that stole my heart. She came into my journey and changed it for the better. With her gentle manner and encouraging love our relationship has blossomed over the years. We were married on Halloween night 2004 and ever since we've been filled with childlike wonder and imagination. She gave me two beautiful little creatures and continues to be my muse. You will see her influence in every avenue of my life.....

This is my son Elijah. He is such a goof, but I love him for it. He's completely gets my sense of humor and even joins in my reindeer games. A monster fanatic himself, we often go to toy stores just looking for masks, wigs, fangs, and capes to creep out with.

 While at Learning Express he ran across a googly eyed lizard half-mask and adorned it for the rest of our store visit. Chasing his sister around making Raptor noises. I'm almost certain my picture is now on the DO NOT SERVE list. Oh well.

Next up, we have my youngest. Evangeline is a care free spirit and loves in a deep way. As you can see above.

We frequent a local arcade/restaurant called Kiddie Mias  where the kids have picked out their favorite meal and games. Evie loves to spend her time on the Coin Operated Kiddie Rides. Mostly hanging out with her old buddy speckles. As the machine rocks back and forth, she just grins from ear to ear.


Elijah wants to play the more well seasoned, sophisticated gems like Metal Slug from NEO GEO. Which by the way is unlimited plays. Your heard me right, no coins needed folks. We both can stand for hours in front of this machine and step outside of time and space. Only to be brought back down to reality by our leg cramps and blistered fingers.

I spend my time mostly hanging out with the old city crusher, Mr. Toho himself..... GODZILLA. The object of the game is to shoot rubber balls into his mouth limiting his time and appetite for world domination. Your welcome Mr. President.The balls are supposed to represent bombs, but he seems to love the taste of them. So I just keep feeding the old boy....

 The game is put out by Namco, who I have a major appreciation for. But the game seems to be a relic at the Arcade that a majority of clientele just passes by. Like an old creeping house and bearded long haired hermit that just peers at you from the windows, neglected and alas misunderstood. 

Feed Me Seymore!

Keep hanging in there!
There's still fun to be had......

 Now we're onto the topic of the post..... TOYZZZZZ. Being a geek/nerd is just a label for the truly nostalgic. I have within the past few years picked back up my love for toy collecting. Starting below are a few of my finds from either The Greenwood Flea Market or Goodwill.

This is Curly the Skeleton of Goosebumps fame. A mid-nineties Taco Bell toy that I found for 50 cents. He has a rubber wheel on the bottom side that allows his mouth to open and close and eyes to bulge out, when you run him across a table. I was pretty stoked to find him, being a Goosebumps nut.

This is my fellow digger Tony Hall, a true comic book buff at heart. We dug for hours through this loot and found a few gems. The guy that runs the stand is truly a great fellow, and has lots of nice issues that are reasonably priced. He had  "The Thing & The Man-Thing #1" that I really wanted to pickup but didn't quite have the funds. Oh well, a boy can dream.

Just look at that cover ladies and gentlemen!

Not much to say here... he's just ACTION FIGURE. Hmmmmm

Here is a group shot of my Goodwill loot. All this goodness for $4.10! I really have to give a shout out to my fellow digger Derek Ash over a Goodwill Hunting 4 Geeks for some inspiration in the possibility a good find at Goodwill. A good majority of this will go to my son for his upcoming birthday and of course some will go into my collection.

Now to address this post and future ones, I would like to explain how my blog will go. It will not center around one focal point, as I am a man of varied interest. You will see Nostalgia laden sections, Art filled journal pages, Digital wonderment, & a peak into my mad world. I hope this finds you well and with that said....EXCELSIOR!

Thursday, May 8, 2014

Movement forward....

   We each deal with our emotions in different ways, even though some practices may seem similar. Loss and tragedy are at the for front of the emotional battlefield. Over my few years on this earth, I have begun noticing my own pattern of dealing with things. 

   First off I do not share the contents of my heart with others, as to risk exposure and ridicule. I quietly nestle my heart into my wife's blessed ears. Then I follow up my wifely confessional with diving into busy work. Just anything really. Now I know this is not healthy, but just be patient I'm not through with my journey.

   As of late I have been finding a creative outlet. Something to release the energy from my thoughts into. Whether it be my journaling or here recently my digital art. Pictured above is one of my many examples of an emotional outburst. This piece was created while dealing with family illness and possible loss.

Looking over it still reminds me of loss and gain.......

Genesis 2:17

Genesis 2:17

Without laying down a five paragraph explanation of this piece, I will leave you with the insight that it is a prophetic page. That started with Genesis 2:17. I urge you to pickup your bible and dive into this scripture and continue to read on. Maybe if you look deep enough the painting will begin to reveal itself. Shalom! 

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

New Year and New Post!

I was inspired by the story of Moses, thus this piece was created.

I have recently joined a online art group called The Artstronauts ( and created this page for my intro piece for the group.

Me and Jess took the kids recently to the Jubilee Zoo in Shreveport and had a blast. There was all sorts of animals at this quaint little establishment from Camels to Zebra's. Elijah got the chance to milk a goat and bottle feed a baby deer and Evie just ran around wide eyed. 

Jessica introduced me to a facebook group called Pay It Forward Network, which is a LA based team that supports children with illnesses. They find sponsors and donors for everything from clothes to medical bill assistance to just making the kids wishes. My heart was touch by the outpouring of love and the tragic nature of each story, so I believe this page is self explanatory. 

My Mom took the family out to see Cirque Du Soleil~Varekai. The story behind the stage play is a gypsy circus twist on Icarus (who you can see in the top left hand corner of the page). I drew the image of the man screaming "Nooooo" as I imagined this is what Icarus's father looked like. The rest of the fodder on the page is related to images I saw during the performance.

This is a collection of my iPhoneography work.

Monday, November 18, 2013


While pillaging through Goodwill for treasures, I came across a VHS copy of TMNT "Coming Out Of Their Shells" making of the tour video. I picked it up based on the fact that it was Ninja Turles and  Elijah is enamored with them right now. However when I popped it in the ole VCR at home, I was flooded with old memories of going to see the tour in Texas. I had completely forgotten about that moment in my childhood, and was overwhelmed with excitement. Elijah has yet to watch the video, but I look forward to showing it to him and reliving my childhood.

I hope that as Elijah grows that he will hold onto every good memory of his youth and live through those simpler times. We as adults are way too self involved and stressed out. I love talking with him about the things that made me happy when I was his age. So only time will tell if these little father son chats will pay off. And with that bit of nostalgia off my chest I bid you ado. Cheers!

Friday, November 15, 2013

Nerds of the Round Table

Me and some fellow like minded individuals have decided to venture out into the world of internet talk radio. PODCAST! It's named "Nerds of the Round Table" with good reason. All things geek will be
discussed on this podcast and will take the internet by storm. I will be pumping gamma radiation all over each month's episode turning it into a green rage machine that is sure to **SMASH** all other podcasts with one giant fist. So tune in each month and make sure you have your diaper on.....your sure to poop your pants! Excelsior!

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Surgery...Down and Out

I've been suffering with stomach issues for the last few months, going from doctor to doctor and procedure to procedure trying to find out what's going on. Finally all of this time, expense, and examinations resulted in surgery. So as of late I haven't really had a chance to blog, draw, and snap photos. So pictured below are a few things that are still in the works and finalized pieces previous to my surgery and recovery.

I had my brave supporter there to cheer me on...

Time to roll out and get my cut on....

Halloween rolled in during my recovery, and unfortunately I was unable to go along due to recovery. But the kids did have a blast, but their candy haul was very skimpy this year.

Evie went as a cat...MEOW!!!! 

This little lady visited me all day every day during my recovery. 

(The Covenant)
This is an phone edit I did a while back but didn't post. It is the first in a series I'm going to do themed to the Passion of Christ.

Journal Page: Pan

Journal Page: Randam Super Dooper Themed Page

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

It's a Dead Man's Party

October is finally here, and all can rejoice. Check out 
my latest iPhone edit inspired by Oingo Boingo. 

Tuesday, August 13, 2013


I tried out a new style of journaling today, with some success. I've been heavily influenced by Teesha and Tracy Moore as of late, and I wanted to take a swing at her style. I think this is something that could grow on me.


I reworked a page from Journal #2, adding in art marker and prismacolor. I'm still on the fence as to whether or not I like it. You be the judge on this one. Cheers!